Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Birthday Wishlist! :)

Omg this list would be soooo much longer but I had to control myself lol There are so many beautiful things to buy! :O

First we have...
These are so cute! Little owl studs from River Island and they are £1.50

No. 2
This stunning watch is from River Island and it is £10 atm! Since my watch broke this is quite practical i thought :)

No. 3
Once again from River Island ^^ these are £12.99


Another practical pressie! :) £13 from River Island

No. 5
This dress is from Next and its £16, love the blue and white polka dots

River Island purse! £17 and in stunning orange

No. 7
These beauties are from Tesco and are £18!!!

From Topshop and £5 and the colour is 'Bees Knees'

No. 9
Also from Topshop and £5 and the colour is 'Peaches and Cream'


Last thing I'd like for my birthday is to get my ear lobes pierced for a second time :) this ranges but the average price is £15 :D

And there you have it ^^ my birthday wishlist!

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