Friday, 16 March 2012

Simple Headers I've Made

Basically I've made a few headers for things like tumblr hehe I'm not amazingly talented but here they are.

This was the original idea for my Tumblr header.

But then I made this one instead! I love how it looks like they are sitting on the wording.

This one I made for my boyfriends Tumblr, he never uses it much though but I thought he'd like it :)

This is just a blank one I made because I was bored.

So there you have it ^^
If you like I will take simple requests as I'm not a computer whizz!

Valentines day present!

I know its a month after Valentines Day but the present my gorgeous boyfriend got me is so beautiful that I have to blog about it! So here it is.... -drum role-

Jewelry Set!!
How beautiful are they!! Jewelry set consists of a rose style necklace, earrings and ring. All in silver!
I was so happy when he gave me these! They are my favourite pieces of jewelry!

Here's a close up of the ring! (sorry about my chipped nail lol)

But there you have it! :) My Valentines Day pressie! :)

Love you Joshua x